Vale Sydney Sheaves

August 21, 2007
Firefighter Sydney Jeffery Sheaves passed away recently and was laid to rest today thirty seven years after he signed up to become a firefighter and an FBEU member.
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Members Survey – Tells Us What You Think.

August 3, 2007
Members who attended the July Special General Meeting in Sydney and sub branch meetings throughout the state voted overwhelmingly to support the Union’s proposal for a 6.7% wage claim backed up by a state-wide campaign. Members also voted to support […]
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Meal Allowances Increased From 1 July 07

August 1, 2007
Certain allowances in both the Permanent and Retained Awards increased on 1 July 2007. Most of these increased rates reflect a 2.2% increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) since the last review in March 2006. The accommodation, meal and […]
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July 2007 Sgm Results

July 31, 2007
Following a series of meetings across the state in accordance with the Unions registered rules the two specific items on the agenda paper have been discussed, debated, voted upon and resolved in accordance with the following figures.
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Meal, Travel And Accommodation Allowance Increases

July 30, 2007
Certain allowances in both the Permanent and Retained Awards increased on 1 July 2007.  The new rates are determined by the Public Employment Office, consistent with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) rulings.  Most of these increased rates reflect a 2.2% […]
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Update – Command And Control

July 29, 2007
Negotiations between the Department and the Union on Friday 27th July have seen substantial progress made with Assistant Commissioner Benson managing to steady the ship and move negotiations forward in a productive and conciliatory manner. While the matter of command […]
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Interim Understanding Reached-relieving Bans To Be Lifted At 1800 Hrs Today

July 26, 2007
Extended proceedings before the Industrial Relations Commission today resulted in an interim agreement being reached between the Union and Department. For its part, the Union has agreed to lift the bans which were imposed last evening. In return, the Department […]
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Relieving Bans To Commence At 1800 Hrs

July 25, 2007
Despite repeated requests over the last five weeks, and direct discussions with Commissioner Mullins as late as today, the Department has again refused to answer fundamental questions which go the heart of command and control in the NSWFB and our […]
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Group Certificate Errors

July 18, 2007
Members might be surprised this week to receive a second Group Certificate from the Department. Rest assured the Department is not proposing to pay you double the wages you earnt last financial year, but rather to fix up the latest […]
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