Sitrep 62: Festive Greetings; Fleet Crisis; Award Negotiation Update

December 22, 2023
In this Sitrep: End of year greetings to Members Fleet crisis Update on 2024 Award negotiations   Happy Festive Season to all Members As 2023 draws to a close I want to take this opportunity on behalf of our elected […]
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Code Red – Chalking Up 20 Year+ Appliances

October 23, 2023
Despite the many improvements to our Award we have achieved through our Industrial Campaign this year, FRNSW continues to use outdated appliances that are beyond their service age, and not fit for purpose. This decision on the part of FRNSW […]
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Sitrep 53: Code Reds Lifted; Log Of Claims Update; Ralph Reminder

October 23, 2023
In this issue (click below to jump to section): Code Reds lifted Updated Logs of Claims RALPH   Code Reds lifted Following almost a year of bargaining with FRNSW and over six months of members campaigning for fair and safe […]
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Sitrep 36/2023

July 17, 2023
FRNSW part ways with Commissioner Paul Baxter  Emergency Services Minister Jihad Dib has this afternoon announced the resignation of Commissioner Paul Baxter. On behalf of members of the FBEU, we wish Paul all the best with his future endeavours outside […]
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Sitrep 31: Pay Negotiations, Awol Aps And Pink Tagging

June 16, 2023
Update on Award Negotiations  FRNSW and the FBEU were in the IRC for conciliation on the Awards yesterday but before I update you, I think it’s important we remind ourselves of some relevant context. As you all would be aware, […]
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Sitrep 29/2023: Parliament, Aerials, Sims Checks And More

June 2, 2023
Parliamentary meetings This week, I was back in parliament meeting with several MPs including Treasurer Daniel Mookhey, Emergency Services Minister Jihad Dib, Minister for Women Jodie Harrison and several MPs from across both metro and regional areas. One of our […]
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Sitrep 28/2023

May 26, 2023
Fix our FRNSW leadership The Fix Our Fire Service campaign continues to highlight the severe underfunding and lack of resources of our fire service and the impact that it is having on our safety and ability to protect the community. […]
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Sitrep 26/2023

May 12, 2023
Meetings with MPs This week, we met with Sally Quinnell MP, Member for Camden, Nathan Hagarty MP, Member for Leppington, Roy Butler MP, Member for Barwon, and the Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Gurmesh Singh MP. We have also continued […]
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Sitrep 25/2023

May 5, 2023
FRNSW Push for Arbitration of Fix our Fire Service Industrial Campaign  FBEU and FRNSW were back in the Commission on Monday for conciliation on FRNSW’s dispute application regarding our Fix Our Fire Service industrial campaign. Despite no communication since our […]
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