Maintenance Of Fby 807

March 11, 1998
Members attached to No. 24 Station would be aware that Departmental management have crticised firefighting staff for the apparently poor state of repair of 24’s turntable ladders. The offending report reads that “it appears that lack of routine in-station preventative […]
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Portable Ladders

February 11, 1998
The Department has issued two notices titled “Use of Portable Ladders” in recent days. Reference has been made to discussions being held with your Union’s officials – which is correct. This notice serves to provide members with the Union’s assessment […]
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Stn. 260 Newcastle ‘ladders’ Banned

December 10, 1996
As a result of concerns in relation to the safety and reliability of the ‘Ladders’ at Stn. 260 Newcastle, the Union issues the following instruction to all members;
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Instruction To All Members (no. 4 Stn, Darlinghurst) Low-profile Turntable Ladders

July 22, 1996
The Union has been alerted to the situation whereby on occasion, No. 4 Stn’s compliment of qualified operators for the low-profile ladders attached to the station has fallen below two.
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