Stn. 260 Newcastle ‘Ladders’ BANNED

December 10, 1996

As a result of concerns in relation to the safety and reliability of the ‘Ladders’ at Stn. 260 Newcastle, the Union issues the following instruction to all members;

All members are instructed not to drive or operate the No 5 turntable ladders currently attached to Stn. 260 Newcastle until further notice from the Newcastle Sub-Branch Secretary.

The Union will review this instruction upon the receipt and consideration of a report following an independent assessment of the appliance.

In addition the Union has sought that the Department, as a priority, provide Stn. 260 Newcastle with a comparable appliance in the interim given the necessity of adequate aerial protection for the Newcastle community.

Ron McLennan

Newcastle Sub-Branch

for State Secretary

10 December, 1996



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