Water Tanker For Engadine?

October 6, 1998
Yesterday the Commissioner NSWFB issued an e-mail message on the subject matter. It read as follows: It is intended that the water tanker from Miranda be re-positioned at Engadine Fire Station with a retained firefighter crew. The recruitment process for […]
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Water Tankers Destaffing @ 0800 Hrs 25/9/98

September 24, 1998
Despite the fact the Department has done virtually everything it can to ensure that we do not reach a satisfactory agreement – and technically speaking, we still haven’t – the Union has agreed to allow the destaffing of the following […]
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Water Tankers Update

September 18, 1998
Whist there is still no agreement at the time of writing, significant progress has been made in negotiations and formal agreement is now expected today.
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Country Staffing & Water Tankers Update

September 4, 1998
On Friday July 24, the Union’s State Secretary forwarded a notice by facsimile to all of the above water tanker stations, advising members of the current situation for the relocation of tankers and members. Whilst negotiations have now commenced, it […]
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Country Staffing & Water Tankers

July 24, 1998
Members would be aware that as part of our country staffing offer to the Department, the six remaining permanently staffed water tankers are proposed to be transferred to retained staffing. Further, 35 Stn. will drop from a minimum of S/O […]
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Update On 45 Tanker Destaffing

March 24, 1998
The Union has indicated its agreement that the destaffing of water tankers may commence as of 0800 hours this Friday September 25, subject to a number of conditions. In the case of the tankers at Miranda and Liverpool, this agreement […]
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