September 4, 1998

On Friday July 24, the Union’s State Secretary forwarded a notice by facsimile to all of the above water tanker stations, advising members of the current situation for the relocation of tankers and members.

Whilst negotiations have now commenced, it is important that all members understand that there is still no agreement for the Union’s country staffing proposal, or for any relocation of any of the tankers or members. No agreement, no tankers – simple.

It seems rumours are circulating (again) about the water tankers. As usual, they’re all wrong. The July 24 Union notice carried the following instruction to members. It stands, and follows below:

“The bottom line is that there is currently no agreement, and as a result all of the above stations should continue to maintain their existing staffing levels at all times, if necessary through the use of overtime.”

If and when suitable progress has been made towards a formal agreement on the Union’s country staffing proposal, your Station Delegate will be notified. Until that happens, don’t believe anything unless it appears on an official FBEU notice.

Andy Coppin,

State Committeeperson South

for State Secretary Friday 4th September 1998



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