December 21, 2012


  • Station closures and TOLing:
  • Advice and instructions for permanent members
  • FIRU roster dispute>
  • Rescue training dispute
  • Union Office Xmas/New Year Shutdown





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December 20, 2012

The following 13 Point advice and instructions rescind and replace all previous Union advice and instructions on TOLing (including SITREPs 46, 47, and 48 of 2012) and are to be observed until further notice from the State Secretary. Read more…

December 14, 2012

Menai 3

  • Station closures and TOLing: Clarification of Stand Bys and Move Ups
  • Union instructions remain in force
December 10, 2012

  • Station closures and TOLing:
  • Clarification of Stand Bys and Move Ups
  • More TOLing Q and A
  •  Gallacher: one portfolio, two standards
  • CL = CLose station
  • Relieving Officers
  • Workers comp cuts already biting hard
  • Secondary or Other Employment Policy
  • Tuck Shop Baird “loses” another $800 million

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November 30, 2012


  • Budget Cuts, TOLing, and the FBEU Response
  • Temporary station closures and appliances offline (TOLing):
  • Advice and instructions for permanent members
  • IRC orders new AMP for permanent members


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November 30, 2012

Cuts Cost LivesThe O’Farrell Government’s June Budget imposed across-the-board cuts to the public sector wages bill by 1.2%, with Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) being hit with a larger cut amounting to 1.75% – higher even than many clerical agencies. Read more…

November 23, 2012

  • TOLing: Govt loads gun, Dept pulls trigger
  • The first casualty of war?
  • Workplace drug testing “an ill-informed reaction”
  • PAT trials are voluntary


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November 19, 2012

Department to proceed with permanent station closures

As reported in SITREP 44/2012, last Friday the Industrial Relations Commission gave the Department the green light to begin temporarily closing permanent stations (TOLing). Management chose to not commence closures over the weekend (in spite of the overtime worked over these shifts). Read more…

November 16, 2012

  •  FRNSW budget crisis update
  • Update on new Conditions Award
  • Attendance Management Policy (AMP) under review

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November 9, 2012

  • FRNSW budget crisis update
  • Fatigue Management Policy – wolf in sheep’s clothing?
  • Residential priority (re)confirmed for country relief
  • Tuck shop Baird’s billion dollar blunder
  • Barry’s big fat new fire tax

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