June 1, 2007

Last month the Union wrote to the Department seeking action to further enhance our members safety whilst working on roadways. The issue was raised by members in the Illawarra Sub Branch concerned with the excessive speed of motorists in and around roadside incidents. As a result of the Union’s actions, the Department is now seeking an amendment to legislation so as to impose speed restrictions in such circumstances. In the interim, members holding these concerns are encouraged to submit a Near Miss form through the normal channels. Yet again, the Union had to put speed under the Department to get them to act.

Simon Flynn

State Secretary

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March 29, 2007

All members are instructed not to use 3M AFFF foam concentrate either carried on your appliance or in your station’s store. If you have any doubt about the type of foam you are being asked to use you and your comrades should refuse to use it until you are satisfied that the foam is not the 3M AFFF product.

[Read more]

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February 2, 2007

Dunheved Fire Station will be closed either with the consent of the Department or without it after the Union’s State Committee of Management (SCOM) decided to ban firefighters from working at the station in the near future. [Read more]

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November 3, 1997

On Monday, 20th October 1997, at approximately 1200 hours, No. 20 stn Hurstville, “C” Platoon was involved in a demonstration at Kingsgrove Public School.

The demonstration was being conducted using No. 106 Skyjet.  During the demonstration the boom was fully extended and rotated to the left side of the appliance and was in the process of being elevated.  At this time a hydraulic failure occurred, spraying the appliance and operator with oil and the boom collapsed to the ground.  Fortunately, the firefighter at the head of the boom and the children observing the demonstration were not injured. [Read more]

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October 8, 1996

Re: Meeting of OH&S Committee Employee Representatives

The Union is holding a meeting of employee representatives on OH&S committees; [Read more]

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July 23, 1996

Two new Regulations under the NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act 1983, have recently come into effect.  These regulations have direct bearing on two areas of concern to firefighters, namely hazardous substances and noise exposure. [Read more]

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June 27, 1996

Numerous concerns have been raised by members on the Department’s requirement to fill in its recent ‘OH&S Annual Station Inspection Form’.

Accordingly the Union instructs all members to withhold completion of these forms until such time as the Department provides adequate training to all members concerned with the responsibility for OH&S inspection and evaluation. [Read more]

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November 15, 1995

Your Union “How To Vote”

Members would be aware that following Union industrial action, agreement from the Department was finally reached to establish seven OH&S Committees, including a Central Committee. [Read more]

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