Sitrep 05/2022

January 14, 2022
EVEN THE HEIGHT OF A GLOBAL PANDEMIC PRESENTS NO BARRIER TO FRNSW ATTACKING CONDITIONS As outlined in SitRep 04/2022, FRNSW have put forward their position for negotiations in the form of fully re-drafted Awards containing their desires to cut conditions […]
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Sitrep 04/2022

January 13, 2022
FBEU AND FRNSW MEET TO DISCUSS AWARD NEGOTIATIONS The FBEU and FRNSW met today to discuss parameters for negotiations for both the Permanent and Retained Awards. The FBEU have been requesting FRNSW’s bargaining parameters for some months now however FRNSW […]
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Sitrep 35/2021

July 9, 2021
Award Update 24s Update HSR Briefings Back On Award Update As reported in our last update, our Award application was subject to a day of conciliation at the end of May followed by three days of arbitration. During conciliation, we […]
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Sitrep 27/2021

June 4, 2021
Award Update Review of 24 Hour Shifts Award Update As reported in last week’s SitRep, we were in the Industrial Relations Commission this week along with the Department for our Award claims, spending Monday in conciliation and then three days […]
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Sitrep 25/2021

May 28, 2021
Award Update PAD FBEU Shop Open Award Update We will be in the Industrial Relations Commission next week for our Award claims. As well as our claim for a 2.5% pay increase, our application incorporates the member-endorsed log of claims. […]
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Sitrep 9/2021

March 5, 2021
Award Update Member win – working in excess of 24 consecutive hours Home Fire Safety Visits Assist Ambulance Personal Protective Clothing HSR Monthly Briefings Back State of the Stations Audits FBEU State Committee Elections Award Update Our Award claims are […]
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Award 2021 #4

February 6, 2021
As reported in SitRep 3/2021, we have been waiting for the formal 2021 Award offer from FRNSW for over two weeks. It finally came through late yesterday afternoon. The “offer” can be found here. You will note it is dated […]
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Award Update #3/2021

November 19, 2020
The FBEU Award Committee met with FRNSW again yesterday. As expected, they informed us that the NSW Government has now instructed them to offer a 0.3% wage increase. We believe this is a slap in the face to our members […]
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Award 2021 #2

November 13, 2020
This Award round is member led in a way we haven’t seen before. When it comes to your pay and conditions, you determine what we ask for and what action you’re willing to take to get it. To develop our […]
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