Sitrep 20/2023: Frnsw Again Try To Silence Firefighters

April 5, 2023
Today we attended the IRC for a report back regarding FRNSW’s dispute application over the current Code Reds in support of the Fix our Fire Service Industrial Campaign and our Award Log of Claims. Although the campaign has been running […]
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2021-2022 Financial Report

October 27, 2022
The Union’s 2021-2022 Financial Report is now available by clicking here The Report, which all members are encouraged to read, was prepared by independent auditors Daley Audit and adopted by the State Committee of Management today as a true and […]
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Sitrep 52/2022

October 5, 2022
SitRep 52/2022 Public-facing campaign launch – When time’s not on your side Today, the FBEU launch a new advertising campaign consisting of TV, radio, online and print media. Endorsed by Delegates at the recent FBEU Delegates Conference, material will be […]
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Notice Of 2022 Agm

October 2, 2022
Dear Members,  Notice of 2022 Annual General Meeting   The Union’s 112th Annual General Meetings are to be held between Monday 31 October to Tuesday 8 November 2022.    Members are reminded that as per Rule 11, the opening section […]
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Sitrep 51/2022 – Award Update

September 28, 2022
Good afternoon, FBEU is pleased to advise that this morning Wednesday 28 September 2022, the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW, made the following awards with the consent of both FRNSW and FBEU: Crown Employees (Fire and Rescue NSW Permanent Firefighting […]
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Sitrep 44 Of 2022

August 5, 2022
Defunding of Resilience NSW  On Thursday 4th August, 2GB radio announced the imminent defunding of Resilience NSW, although at the time of publication, no official statement on the agency’s future had been issued by the NSW Government. Given the alarming […]
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Sitrep 43/2022

July 29, 2022
COVID-19 Risk Assessment Case – FRNSW commit to no terminations while the matter is ongoing Our case regarding the proposed changes to FRNSW’s COVID-19 risk assessment is ongoing. The FBEU is maintaining our position before the IRC that unvaccinated employees […]
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Sitrep 42/2022

July 22, 2022
  FRNSW’s inaction around World Health Organisation decision a literal ‘cover-up’  Members will recall, the recent WHO International Agency of Research on Cancer (IARC) declaration of Firefighting as a cancer-causing occupation, and the FBEU’s attempt to engage FRNSW around this […]
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Sitrep 40/2022

July 4, 2022
Interim Resolution to Health Checks Dispute – Code Red to Lift  Following a discussion between the FBEU and FRNSW last week we have agreed to an interim resolution regarding our disputes on the Health Checks process. While this interim resolution […]
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