Sitrep 39/2022

June 29, 2022
Award Update and Industrial Action Committee FBEU and FRNSW were due to return to the IRC on Monday for further conciliation regarding new Permanent, Retained and D&D Awards. Unfortunately, the IRC had to cancel the listing as the Commissioner was […]
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Sitrep 37/2022

June 26, 2022
FBEU Delegates Conference 15 & 16 September – Save the Date  As previously advised the FBEU will be holding a delegates’ conference for all delegates. This conference will be an opportunity for delegates and HSRs to come together face to […]
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Sitrep 36/2022

June 22, 2022
NSW BUDGET ANNOUCEMENT – FRNSW THE FORGOTTEN SERVICE  In Sitrep 33, we said the proof will be in the pudding. This budget, FRNSW were either going to stand-up and advocate for Professional Firefighters or they were going to fall short, letting […]
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Sitrep 35/2022

June 17, 2022
FBEU Provides Feedback to FRNSW – COVID-19 RISK ASSESSMENT V.4 As previously advised to members, FRNSW circulated their proposed updated Covid-19 risk assessment (version 4) seeking feedback from the FBEU. The FBEU have provided a response which can be found […]
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Sitrep 18/2022

April 5, 2022
AWARD UPDATE  As Members may have seen from FRNSW emails regarding Award negotiations, the FBEU have indeed proposed a Medical First Response clause in response to the claim by the Department to implement an allowance to Members performing PAD work.  […]
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2022 April Sgm

April 1, 2022
April 2022 SGM Meeting Dates The first Special General Meeting will be held at 0900am Monday, 4 April at Yeo Park in Ashfield and the closing meeting will be held at 1230hrs on Friday 8 April at East Gosford Football […]
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2022 Sub-branch Executive Committee Elections

February 22, 2022
Nominations are called from members to fill one of three (3) Committeeperson positions on their Sub-Branch Executive Committee for the term 2022-2025, as follows: Central Coast Sub-Branch (CCSB) Country Sub-Branch (CSB) Illawarra Sub-Branch (ISB) Newcastle Sub-Branch (NSB) Retained Sub-Branch (RSB) […]
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Sitrep 10/2022

February 7, 2022
Award update Following on from our previous communications, the FBEU Log of Claims has now overwhelming been endorsed by members and provided to the Department on Friday, three days ahead of our meeting which was held this afternoon. The FBEU […]
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Sitrep 09/2022

February 4, 2022
Award Update The process of endorsing the Log of Claims for this round of bargaining has now been completed. The process has identified overwhelming support from members in the bargaining priorities put forward by the FBEU Bargaining Team and SCoM, […]
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