Sub-branch Voting Union Sgm Agenda, 19/6/97

June 10, 1997
In accordance with Rule 51, Sub-Branches (Sub-Rules 10 &11): “(10)     When an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting is called under the signature of the State Secretary, the Sub-Branch Executive Committee may call a meeting of the Sub-Branch to […]
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Drug And Alcohol Protocol – Overview

June 6, 1997
Members would be aware that the Union has been negotiating with the Department for several years now in order to agree on a suitable Drug and Alcohol Protocol for the Brigades. The Union’s State Committee has thoroughly debated the draft […]
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‘stage 3’ Tax Adjustment – Third And Final Payment

May 19, 1997
The ‘Stage 3’, third and final payment of the 1996 tax dispute, secured by the Union, is due to be paid on 17 July, 1997. Members may recall that the two principal reasons FBEU members pursued and won this compensation […]
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Rescue Out-duties

May 16, 1997
(Note: This notice was superseded on 9 June 2000. For the updated policy, click here.) This notice has been reproduced from the NSW Firefighter’s “Red Messages”, Autumn 1997 Edition As part of the agreement for a new Award, the Union […]
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Retained Award Ratified By Irc

May 15, 1997
Following near-unanimous endorsement of the Award proposal dated 17 April 1997, by members of the Retained Sub-Branch, the NSW Industrial Relations Commission ratified a new Award for Retained Firefighters on Friday 2 May 1997. The new Award, known as the […]
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1997 Union Election Results

May 12, 1997
On Friday 9th May, the Australian Electoral Commission formally declared the results of the 1997 elections for the United Firefighters Union of Australia, NSW Branch Committee of Management. The UFUA Branch Committee of Management elections jointly serve as the NSW […]
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Have You Voted Yet?

April 23, 1997
The general elections for both the NSW Branch of the United Firefighters Union of Australia (UFUA) and the NSW Fire Brigade Employees’ Union (FBEU) are currently under way. Whilst the UFUA and FBEU are technically two separate organisations, arrangements exist […]
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March On May Day ‘97

April 23, 1997
May Day is an international day of solidarity for workers all over the world. It began in Chicago in 1884, when police shot at crowds demonstrating for the 8 hour day – killing many. Each year on May Day millions […]
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Stargarden Pay Dispute – The Facts

April 11, 1997
One of the most elementary and fundamental principles of industrial relations is that employers should pay their employees correctly and on time and provide their employees with sufficient records so that employees can be satisfied that they have been paid […]
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