June 10, 1997

In accordance with Rule 51, Sub-Branches (Sub-Rules 10 &11):

“(10)     When an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting is called under the signature of the State Secretary, the Sub-Branch Executive Committee may call a meeting of the Sub-Branch to discuss the questions on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.

(11)      Voting on any business arising from sub-rule (10) must be forwarded to the State Secretary and be signed by the Sub-Branch Secretary or Sub-Branch Chairperson, prior to the commencement of the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.   The vote recorded by the Sub-Branch shall then be added to the total vote of the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.”;

a meeting of the Sub-Branch is hereby called in order to allow all Country Sub-Branch members the opportunity to vote and have that vote counted amongst the votes of the Special General Meeting of members to be held Thursday 19th June, 1997 (notice attached).

Members’ Voting Return forms have been enclosed to allow all Sub-Branch members, including RTO’s and CSO’s, to register their vote. These forms, together with this notice, the SGM notice and a copy of the draft Drug and Alcohol Protocol, have been forwarded to all Sub-Branch member workplaces throughout the state.

The State Committee of Management recommendations (for both the water tanker productivity proposals and the Drug and Alcohol Protocol) and which financial members of the Sub-Branch may vote in support for or against, is contained in both the SGM notice and on the reverse side of the Members’ Voting Return form.

Sub-Branch members should forward all voting returns on the attached form to the writer – between 0800 and 1600 hours – c/o Grafton Fire Station (fax 066 432 638) by no later than 1600 hours, Wednesday 18th June, 1997. Hard copies of voting returns should be posted direct to the Union office in due course. Members with queries on either agenda matter, or voting procedure, may contact their  Sub-Branch Executive member (as below), or the Union office.

Ron McGeorge

Sub-Branch Secretary

Tuesday 10th June, 1997



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