Funeral For The Late Senior Firefighter Ray Watson

August 25, 2000
Funeral for the late Senior Firefighter Ray Watson The Union has conveyed our deepest sympathy on behalf of all elected officials and rank and file members to the family of our comrade of 34 years, Senior Firefighter Ray Watson, following […]
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D&d Update: The Government’s Latest Offer

August 16, 2000
Coming on top of earlier offers, each of which was put to us at the time as their bottom line, the Government presented us with a “discussion paper” on July 7. Subsequent meetings combined with correspondence received this week have […]
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D&d Update: New Benefits For Firefighters?

August 15, 2000
The Government today placed half-page ads concerning the D&D Dispute in the Sydney Morning Herald (at a cost of $20,000) and the Daily Telegraph ($10,000). Frankly we found their ad to be about as hard-hitting (and accurate) as the daily […]
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D&d Update: Scom Calls For Strike

August 11, 2000
The Union’s State Committee of Management held an urgent meeting today to consider the further direction of the long-running Death and Disability Dispute. At the conclusion of an extensive debate, punctuated by a further meeting with Government representatives this afternoon […]
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D&d Update: Gov’t Fails To Show

August 9, 2000
On 1 August 1999 our Union began a campaign of direct industrial action, including various bans and stop work action, which ultimately continued in one form or another through until the signing of a “peace agreement” with the NSW Government […]
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Decisions Of July Sgm’s

July 28, 2000
First SGM, 20 July 2000 (1) Adoption or Rejection of Award Clause 14 re “Special Duties” positions
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Special Duties Sgm Information

July 14, 2000
On July 7 members were advised of a Special General Meeting to be held this coming Thursday, July 20 on the single issue of Special Duties. This SGM will effectively decide whether or not the Special Duties concept (where the […]
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Notice Of Rule Amendments

July 14, 2000
As advised in the notice of June 15, the Union’s State Committee of Management has now approved of amendments to Rule 6 of our Union’s Rules which reflect the Howard Government’s imposition of the GST on trade union membership dues.
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Back Pay – Thursday

July 11, 2000
All permanent members will be paid at the new 3% increased rates of pay provided under the 2000 Award this Thursday 13 July. These rates will be applied retrospectively back to February 25, being the first day of the new […]
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