D&d #28 – Your Money Or Your Life

November 17, 1999

Your Money … The Union and the Department again appeared before the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) yesterday, but this time it was over our application for a new Award for permanent members rather than the D&D dispute.

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Xmas & New Year’s Eve, 1999

November 8, 1999

SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS Negotiations between public sector unions, the Labor Council of NSW and the NSW Government have led to broad agreement on special arrangements for the Xmas/New Year period, with the actual implementation within each Government agency to be negotiated […]

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Stop Work Today At 1300hrs

November 6, 1999

All members (recruits to Executive Officers) in the GSA, excluding exemptions (see below) are instructed to stop work today at 1300 hours and proceed to City of Sydney Fire Station. The Police have agreed to close Castlereagh St (between Bathurst […]

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Notice Of 1999 Agm

November 1, 1999

Members are hereby advised that, in accordance with Rule 11(3), notice is given of the Annual General Meeting of the New South Wales Fire Brigade Employees’ Union (FBEU).

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D&d Dispute – Irc Decision

October 28, 1999


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D&d Dispute Update #27

October 28, 1999

So Who Really Won This Week? The Commissioner yesterday issued his own version of events as to what occurred in the IRC this week. It’s one thing to put on a brave face, but it’s another thing to mislead.

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1999 Permanent Award Claim

October 28, 1999

As members would be aware, the 1997 Crown Employees (NSW Fire Brigades Fire fighting Staff) Award – otherwise know as the permanents’ Award – expired in August.

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D&d Dispute Update #26

October 27, 1999

Union defeats Govt. application to stop industrial action As reported in D&D Update #25, the dispute came back before a Full Bench of the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) on Monday at 10 am, with proceedings continuing through until late yesterday. […]

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D&d Dispute Update #25

October 23, 1999

Union Bans Set Alarm Bells Ringing in Macquarie Street The Department yesterday advised the Minister that there is a “risk to public safety” as a result of our Union’s bans on the connection of new automatic fire alarms.

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D&d Dispute – Latest Correspondence

October 22, 1999
1. Government to Union PREMIER'S DEPARTMENT  NEW SOUTH WALES Governor Macquarie Tower 1 Farrer Place Sydney NSW 2000 22 October 1999 Mr Chris Read Secretary New South Wales Fire Brigade Employees' Union 267 Sussex Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 Dear Mr [...]
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D&d Dispute Update #24

October 15, 1999

Next Step Tuesday The dispute was scheduled to return to the IRC yesterday, but proceedings were deferred until midday, Tuesday October 19.

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D&d Dispute Update #23

October 8, 1999

Unfit to Lead? This week’s Issue No. 69 of the infamous (and increasingly weird) “Commish’s Corner” carries an article headed “Fighting Fires With New Fitness Levels”.

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