Sitrep 61/2022 – Awards Gazetted, Metro Cross-tunnel Update, Presumptive Cancer Legislation

December 2, 2022
Awards gazetted by IRC Today, the Permanent, Retained and D&D Awards were gazetted by the NSW Industrial Relations Commission. They are now legally binding. You can access each Award below, and the copies on the FBEU website have been updated. […]
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Sitrep 60/2022 – Metro Tunnel Issues Continue; Frnsw Breaches Safework Reporting Requirements; Log Of Claims Summary

November 25, 2022
Log of Claims – Member Meetings Complete and Survey Closed As members would be aware, we recently held meetings across the membership for members to provide input into the log of claims being developed for the next round of Award […]
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Sitrep 2/2012

January 13, 2012
Inside this issue: Health and safety protections going backwards FBEU Fighting Fund Financial relief for members who stopped work in June and September 2011
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Sitrep No. 9/2010

March 5, 2010
Inside this issue: New transfer registers Additional gazetted holiday bonanza
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Sitrep No. 8/2010

February 26, 2010
Inside this issue: * Waratah Dispute settled with new stations and extra jobs * Drug and alcohol protocol * All permanent members fined today
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Sitrep No.4/2009

July 24, 2009
Inside this issue: Part Change of Shift – who gets the relieving allowance? Retained Working Group Support for members
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Wages And Backpay

October 9, 2008
Following settlement of the Union’s wage campaign the Department has now commenced paying the new 2008 Awards’ rates of pay and allowances on and from Friday 26 September, so the increased rates should first appear in all members’ pays today, […]
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New Awards

September 25, 2008
New Awards are now in force for both Permanent and Retained firefighters throughout NSW. Both new Awards have delivered increases of 4.6%, 4% and 4%, will run for three years, and have been awarded by the New South Wales Industrial […]
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Wages Back To Square One

May 27, 2008
Cutting wages, privatising essential services and picking fights with the Trade Union movement isn’t the sort of behavior most people associate with a ‘Labour’ Government but that’s exactly what the people of NSW are now up against. The State Government […]
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