Code Red – Chalking Up 20 Year+ Appliances

October 23, 2023
Despite the many improvements to our Award we have achieved through our Industrial Campaign this year, FRNSW continues to use outdated appliances that are beyond their service age, and not fit for purpose. This decision on the part of FRNSW […]
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Code Reds: Operational Assurance Reviews And Retained Ff Program

August 11, 2023
Code Red – Operational Assurance Reviews Following the completion of a trial of Operational Assurance Reviews, the FBEU has been seeking to consult with the Department regarding the evaluation and outcome of the trial program to provide input and feedback […]
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Code Red – Station Service Delivery Plans

July 14, 2023
In July 2022, the FBEU and the Department started consulting on two additions to the Station Planning System. Part A was the introduction of additional data, gathered from ESS, SRS, SAP, SSRM, ORP and SPS into the one place. The […]
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Code Red – Returning To Scenes Of Traumatic Events

July 1, 2023
All members are aware that dealing with traumatic events and critical incidents can be mentally and emotionally demanding, and that subsequent exposures to the scene of these events can have a damaging impact on the mental health of our members. […]
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Sitrep 26/2023

May 12, 2023
Meetings with MPs This week, we met with Sally Quinnell MP, Member for Camden, Nathan Hagarty MP, Member for Leppington, Roy Butler MP, Member for Barwon, and the Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Gurmesh Singh MP. We have also continued […]
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Sitrep 25/2023

May 5, 2023
FRNSW Push for Arbitration of Fix our Fire Service Industrial Campaign  FBEU and FRNSW were back in the Commission on Monday for conciliation on FRNSW’s dispute application regarding our Fix Our Fire Service industrial campaign. Despite no communication since our […]
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Fix Our Fire Service Industrial Campaign Continues

April 4, 2023
Code Red – Fix Our Fire Service Industrial Campaign Today, the FBEU and FRNSW met again for Award negotiations. Unsurprisingly, given the new Government is yet to swear in its Ministers etc, FRNSW are not in a position to make […]
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Code Red: Out-duties Banned From 1800 Hrs

May 4, 2012
CODE RED: PETTY CASH, MEAL AND REFRESHMENT ALLOWANCE DISPUTE - OUT-DUTIES BANNED FROM 1800 HRS As a result of the Department’s continued refusal to abide by the clear provisions of our Awards (subclauses 10.3.1 and 10.4.1 of the Permanent Award, and subclause 8.3.1 of the Retained Award) governing the payment of meal and refreshment allowances, it’s refusal to reimburse petty cash floats at stations and the regrettable fact that the processes required by the Industrial Relations Act to prosecute these breaches and to enforce the Awards are so delayed and protracted that they cannot be expected to restore members’ lawful entitlements for several months, the Union’s State Committee has resolved to issue the following instructions.
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Code Red – Relieving Bans Imposed From 0800 Hours

October 20, 2011
Dept walks away from LSV agreement When the Union settled the Waratah Fire Station dispute last year (see SITREP No. 8/2010 “Waratah dispute settled with new stations and extra jobs”), we did so with the clear intention of providing additional positions for alternate duties members. As SITREP 2010/8 reported, “The 6 LSV’s will in future be staffed by permanent members on suitable duties, thereby allowing injured members to stay on the 10/14 rather than working day shift in the Zone Office”.
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