Sitrep No. 2/2011

January 14, 2011
Queensland Rescue/USAR Task force PSTP and attainment of qualifications Membership cards and helmet stickers
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Rescue – Sanity Prevails

December 5, 2008
Most members would by now be aware that a concerted campaign to over turn a State Rescue Board (SRB) decision to decommission eight ambulance rescue units in the Greater Sydney Area has failed. Nine fire brigades will instead carry out […]
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Backflip On Rescue?

November 27, 2008
As most members would by now be aware the NSW Government has been getting lobbied heavily by the Health Services Union over the decision to replace 8 ambulance rescue units with 9 NSWFB rescue units. The decision to hand over […]
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Award Negotiations Begin And More

September 12, 2003
Inside this notice: Award negotiations begin Senior firefighters eligbility to sit SOPP Salary Sacrifice – Stargarden claims another victim Breakfast allowance dispute Inspectors acting up to Superintendent Eligibility for Rescue Allowance Rank Insignia – Higher Duties and the Crown Policy […]
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Rescue Sub-committee Meeting

April 21, 1998
To all Station Delegates and Members – Rescue Stations: You are invited to attend the inaugural meeting of the Union’s Rescue Sub-Committee to be held –
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Rescue Out-duties

May 16, 1997
(Note: This notice was superseded on 9 June 2000. For the updated policy, click here.) This notice has been reproduced from the NSW Firefighter’s “Red Messages”, Autumn 1997 Edition As part of the agreement for a new Award, the Union […]
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Staffing Of Rescue Monitors

November 1, 1996
The Union has been informed by members at Rescue Monitor Stations that there is some confusion by management over the staffing requirements for these appliances.
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