Timesheets And Yesterday’s Stopwork

July 31, 2008
All permanent members of the Union who were on duty in the GSA yesterday and who were not exempted from industrial action should now mark your timesheets to show a one and a half hour deduction for the stop work […]
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Stop Work Protest Success

July 30, 2008
Today’s stop work meeting in Sydney at ‘The Hungry Mile’ was an enormous success with industrial action by public servants across the board making the main television news stories on all four free to air channels. The action by FBEU […]
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Stop Work Meeting Time Sheet Adjustments

January 31, 2008
All members who attended last weeks stop work meeting will have their pay docked by the Department. All members instructed to attend in the Notice dated Friday 25.01.08 should adjust their time sheets by 2 hrs 30 minutes to allow […]
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All Permanent Members In The Gsa To Stop Work

January 25, 2008
The State Committee of Management has today resolved to call an urgent stop work of permanent members effective at 1100 hours today to hear a report on the current wage negotiations. All permanent members in the GSA other than those […]
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