Code Red: Recall Kilometres Dispute

June 18, 2018
This instruction has been placed on hold pending an urgent meeting to be held between the Union and Department tomorrow at 0930 hours.
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Code Red – Bans To Be Lifted Immediately

October 31, 2017
Attention: all Permanent members, Stat Decs dispute – bans lifted
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Code Red – All Permanent Members

October 27, 2017
Statewide ban imposed after Department ignores repeat warnings on Stat Decs
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Code Red – Regional North

October 12, 2017
Area-wide ban imposed after Department ignores warning and breaches Award
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Code Red: Heavy Cafs Tankers, No Staffing

April 15, 2016
Note: This Code Red has been rescinded by SITREP 12/2016.
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Code Red: Bans To Be Lifted At 1800 Hours Today

June 17, 2014
The long story cut short is that after hearing from both the parties, Justice Boland did two did things. Firstly, His Honour recommended (not directed) that the Union lift its bans as soon as practicable. Secondly, the Judge said he would hear any application from the Union in relation to the backpay as soon as possible.
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Code Red: Bans Commence 1800hrs.

June 14, 2014
Permanent members’ backpay in doubt, Bans to commence at 1800 hours today Last week’s SITREP 20/14 reported that the Government’s failure to confirm agreement for permanent members’ backpay to 21 February while award negotiations proceeded had led the IRC to […]
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Code Red

November 19, 2012
Department to proceed with permanent station closures
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Code Red

November 6, 2012
IRC recommends bans lifted and TOLing cease The Union’s officials have this afternoon agreed to abide by these recommendations and accordingly, the bans and limitations placed on the performance of outduties and relieving duties last evening are hereby lifted, effective immediately.
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