Code Red – No In-person Open Day Activities

May 13, 2021
The safety of members has been our priority throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Following recent instances of community transmission and the reintroduction of restrictions by the NSW Government, we had concerns about Open Day going ahead as planned on 15 May […]
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Sitrep 19/2021

April 23, 2021
CODE RED – CAFS Aerial Pumpers Medical First Responder Call Retained Working Group May Day Events – Registrations Open FBEU State Committee Election CODE RED – CAFS Aerial Pumpers Members would be aware of the issues surrounding the roll out […]
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Sitrep 18/2021

April 16, 2021
CODE RED – Central Coast proposed changes to staffing and appliances Retained Pagers Being Activated Anzac Day Public Holiday FBEU State Committee Election May Day Events – Registrations Open CODE RED – Central Coast proposed changes to staffing and appliances […]
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Sitrep 49/2020

December 11, 2020
Assist Ambulance Bans Lifted Following action taken by members, FRNSW has backed down on their decision to unilaterally walk away from agreements reached with the FBEU about consultation regarding Assist Ambulance. We welcome the decision of FRNSW to return to […]
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Code Red Senior Officers – Possible Restructure And Ceps

November 30, 2020
UNION INSTRUCTIONS – SENIOR OFFICERS SUB-BRANCH Members of the FBEU Senior Officers Sub Branch (SOSB) met on Friday November 27, 2020. The urgent meeting attended by approximately 80 members of the Branch was called to discuss a number of issues. […]
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Code Red Assist Ambulance – No Chargeable Codes On Afas

November 28, 2020
FRNSW breaks agreement on Assist Ambulance – NO CHARGEABLE CODES ON AFAs Back in September we issued a Code Red regarding Ambulance Assist. We later met with FRNSW who in response to our concerns gave the following undertakings: All Assist Ambulance calls are […]
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Sitrep 35/2020

August 31, 2020
Assist Ambo Code Red remains in place – if needed Following on from Saturday’s Code Red, here is an update for members. Shortly after the Code Red was issued Ambulance Comms started putting all “Assist Ambulance” calls through the Rescue […]
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Code Red

August 29, 2020
Work Health and Safety on Assist Ambulance sees member suspended Assist Ambulance Bans A Station Officer was suspended this morning after a complaint was received from Ambulance NSW (ANSW) about an extrication plan to remove a patient from a house. […]
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Sitrep 33/2020

August 20, 2020
Covid Relieving Restrictions lifted This dispute went before Chief Commissioner Constant yesterday with both sides putting arguments as to whether the Covid 19 relieving restrictions should remain in place. The Department argued that money was more important than keeping you […]
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