2008 Wages Campaign

February 21, 2008
At 10:30 am on Monday morning the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) terminated conciliation between the FBEU and the Government and issued Orders that an interim Award be established for permanent firefighters with a 2.5% increase in wages and a […]
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Irc Orders Immediate 2.5% Increase – Bans Lifted

February 18, 2008
The NSW Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) this morning ordered a 2.5% increase in wages and allowances for all members covered by the Permanent Award. This increase, which will take effect on and from the commencement of the next pay period, […]
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Award Update – Bans To Commence

February 1, 2008
Thursday’s appearance at the IRC appeared to be going well, until the Department decided to lob another claim onto the table at the last minute – removing the top up provisions for workers compensation in the permanent award. The top […]
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All Permanent Members In The Gsa To Stop Work

January 25, 2008
The State Committee of Management has today resolved to call an urgent stop work of permanent members effective at 1100 hours today to hear a report on the current wage negotiations. All permanent members in the GSA other than those […]
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Wage Campaign

January 6, 2008
With the US economy on the way to a recession and interest rates in Australia on the way up again, the Union has written to the Minister for Emergency Services asking that the NSW government not cut our wages. On […]
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4% Payrise For Permanent Members This Thursday

March 13, 2007
The next 4% pay rise for permanent members took effect on Friday 2 March and will appear in permanent members’ pays this Thursday, 15 March. This is the final increase payable under the current award before it expires in February […]
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Award Negotiations Update And More

October 26, 2003
Inside this notice: Award negotations update Recycled water banned Briefly…
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Leading Firefighter Promotions

October 1, 1998
The Union office has received a great deal of correspondence on the question of Leading Firefighter promotions to Station Officer after January 1, 1999.
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Retained Award Ratified By Irc

May 15, 1997
Following near-unanimous endorsement of the Award proposal dated 17 April 1997, by members of the Retained Sub-Branch, the NSW Industrial Relations Commission ratified a new Award for Retained Firefighters on Friday 2 May 1997. The new Award, known as the […]
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