November 16, 1998

As members would be aware, a ballot was held last Wednesday 11th November to determine order of placement of members without residential qualification on the various new Country Transfer Registers. Each of the Registers (as they currently stand) are on the Union’s website.

It is important that members recognise that the Registers are all compiled and maintained by the Department – NOT the Union. Having said that, members wishing to challenge any ordering of the lists have until 0900 hours this coming Friday 20th November, 1998 to do so by way of a written report to the Department’s Personnel Section. A review of all such challenges will be conducted on the morning of Tuesday 24th November. Again, that review and any subsequent amendments will be determined by the Department, not the Union, although Union officials will be in attendance to observe proceedings. [Read more]

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October 7, 1998

As part of the negotiations surrounding the Union’s Country Staffing Proposal, the Department wrote, in the following terms, to the Union on 4 September 1998:

“The department recognises the unique circumstances surrounding the provision of specialist bush fire appliance and crews in the GSA and proposes to replace the existing pumpers at 48 Mortdale, 66 Rhodes, 72 Merrylands and 79 Ingleburn with new type 1 pumpers. These vehicles will enable the NSW Fire Brigades to provide a multi-function role from these strategic locations. [Read more]

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September 25, 1998

Further to my notice to the above Stations yesterday, I am now able to advise that the State Committee today concluded formal and final agreement with the Department for our Union’s country staffing proposal, as endorsed by the rank and file membership at the June Special General Meetings. [Read more]

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September 4, 1998

On Friday July 24, the Union’s State Secretary forwarded a notice by facsimile to all of the above water tanker stations, advising members of the current situation for the relocation of tankers and members.

Whilst negotiations have now commenced, it is important that all members understand that there is still no agreement for the Union’s country staffing proposal, or for any relocation of any of the tankers or members. No agreement, no tankers – simple. [Read more]

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August 31, 1998

With the membership’s approval of the State Committee of Management’s country staffing proposal at the June 1998 Special General Meetings, the Union’s officials will now be attending a series of meetings across the state to explain the proposal, and to address any concerns. Whilst the Union’s notice of June 30 advised that these meetings would take place within 4-6 weeks, delayed negotiations and prior commitments have prevented such meetings before now. [Read more]

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August 14, 1998

Members at 35 Station would by now be aware that the Union and Department have reached agreement for the reduction in minimum staffing at Botany from Station Officer and four firefighters per platoon to Station Officer and three firefighters per platoon. Whilst the rank and file endorsed this reduction at the June Special General Meeting, the Union’s elected officials have agreed to an early reduction at 35 Station to allow our country staffing proposal to proceed. [Read more]

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July 24, 1998

Members would be aware that as part of our country staffing offer to the Department, the six remaining permanently staffed water tankers are proposed to be transferred to retained staffing. Further, 35 Stn. will drop from a minimum of S/O & 4 to S/O & 3 per platoon.

However, it is important that everyone – including the Department – understands that we will be requiring formal agreement for the whole deal before we agree that any appliance or staff can be moved. The fact is that there is no such agreement – yet. [Read more]

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July 10, 1998

Members would be aware that our Union has been involved in negotiations for several months now in an attempt to achieve increased staffing throughout country NSW. The Union’s State Committee, which has been working on this matter for over two years, initiated formal discussions with the Department in April this year and forwarded its formal offer to the Department on June 3. [Read more]

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