Letter regrading pay problems for trainers

July 30, 1996

Re: Pay problem

Attached is a list of members who are employed as Senior Instructors, seconded to the Training College.

The Union understands that these members have not been paid the ST & DD allowance since the implementation of the new ‘Stargarden’ pay system.

Your urgent attention to this matter is sought, so that this problem can be rectified in the next pay run on 1 August, 1996.

Please contact Industrial Officer Kirsten Cameron at the Union office on (02) 9267 5552 to confirm arrangements.

5310    C  CLAIR reliever

5708    J  SMITH  reliever

5817    M  BROWN reliever

5737    R  McGOWAN reliever

5548    G  REYNOLDS reliever

5780    C  SHAPTER  reliever

5891    B  MURRAY only a f/f and should get motor drive

Yours faithfully,

Kirsten Cameron

Industrial Officer

for State Secretary

cc: Mr. Leigh Bray, Manager Industrial Relations


30 July, 1996

Mr. Ian MacDougall


New South Wales Fire Brigades

PO Box A249


Att: Mr. Carl Wilson

Dear Sir,



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