Country Sub-Branch Introduction

October 8, 1996

TO ALL MEMBERS, FBEU Country Sub-Branch

I’d like to introduce myself and the Executive members of the newly formed Country Sub-Branch;

REGION NORTH                             Bob FLETCHER                  Ph   049 347258

Maitland                                 Fax  049 345203

Home                                     Ph   049 347680

REGION NORTH WEST                 Bob KUPPERS                    Ph   067 715076

Armidale C/R                        Fax  067 713465

Home                                     Ph   067 726234

REGION SOUTH                             Graeme WARTON   Ph   069 213922

Turvey Park D Pltn               Fax  069 255221

REGION SOUTH WEST                 Tim SCHOFIELD                 Ph   080 872233

Broken Hill D Pltn                Fax  080 881114

SECRETARY                                    Ron McGEORGE                 Ph  066 433491

Grafton C/R                           Fax 066 432638

Home                                     Ph  066 494423

This Sub-Branch has been established to give a voice to the needs and concerns of permanent country Union members, as well as to help the rank and file country members get easier access to a Union representative, and thus, a speedier resolution to any problems if possible at the local level. Therefore, I emphasise that ALL country members are encouraged to contact their respective Regional delegate on any Union matter in the first instance.

This Sub-Branch shall consist of all permanent staff, not being senior officers, permanently stationed or serving outside the GSA and who are not covered by Newcastle or Illawarra Sub-Branches.

The recent rule changes have allowed the Union to devolve delegates in line with the Brigade’s regionalisation. See RED MESSAGES Page 23, NSW Firefighter, Winter 1996.

The Sub-Branch Executive met in Sydney on 11 July 1996 and agreed to hold our

first Sub-Branch meeting in Sydney on Saturday 26 October 1996. This date was selected to give you the opportunity to debate and cast your vote on agenda items for the Union’s AGM in early November.

The Sub-Branch Executive want to hold four Country Sub-Branch meetings per year. Obviously, not all members will be able to attend all meetings. Therefore, we intend to meet at different locations; eg, Wagga Wagga, Broken Hill, North Coast, New England as well as an annual meeting with the Union’s State Committee/Executive in Sydney.

Our working conditions in country areas are different from those in the cities, so talk to your Country Sub-Branch delegate first, he will understand your circumstance.

Yours fraternally,

Ron McGeorge,

Country Sub-Branch Secretary

for State Secretary

8th October, 1996



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