Newcastle Sub-Branch – ADMINISTRATIVE BANS

August 28, 1998

The Union’s State Committee of Management today considered the Department’s continued refusal to issue the BA/Hazmat Section’s members with cold climate clothing, and resolved as follows:

“That until those members working in the BA/Hazmat Section in Newcastle are issued with cold climate clothing, a ban will be placed on all paperwork (with the normal exceptions) within the Newcastle Sub-Branch area. These bans are to commence 1800 hours on Friday 28th August 1998.

Should a satisfactory result to this dispute not be forthcoming within seven (7) days, then a ban will be placed on all out-duties with all relieving officers and firefighters within the Newcastle region returning to their base stations.

These bans are to remain in force until a result to the dispute is obtained to the satisfaction of the Newcastle Sub-Branch Executive.”

Accordingly, all Newcastle Sub-Branch members are instructed that, effective immediately, no paperwork or administrative duties are to be undertaken by any member other than firefighter pay/leave related matters and fire reports, but only at sections A3, A4, A6, A8, A14, A15, A16, A17 and A23.

This instruction is to remain in force until further notice from the Sub-Branch Executive.

Ron McLennan

Newcastle Sub-Branch Secretary                         Friday 28th August 1998



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