December 24, 1996

Members would be aware of the dispute surrounding the settlement of Awards for both permenant and retained members, following over six months of negotiations between the Union, Department and NSW Government. Through the imposition of statewide bans last Friday 20/12/96, and stop-work action throughout the GSA Monday 23/12/96, the Union’s membership forced the satisfactory conclusion of the dispute late today, Tuesday 24/12/96.

The Union’s negotiating representatives are now confident that an acceptable position has been secured. This position will of course be subject to endorsement by the Union’s State Committee of Management early 1997, and ultimately by the Union’s rank and file through a series of meetings to be held mid/late January. Both Awards are proposed to operate from January 1997 to August 1999, with back pay to August 1996 for permanent, and October 1996 for retained members.

A total of 18% wage increases shall be provided for all members as follows:

8/8/96             6%

8/8/97 6%

8/8/98 3%

1/2/99 3%

The basis for these increases is largely in line with the 12% position put to members recently. Full details will be circulated prior to January’s meetings.

Accordingly, all members are advised that the paperwork and out-duty bans imposed last Friday, 20/12/96 are hereby lifted, effective immediately upon receipt of this message.

On behalf of the Union’s officials, industrial and adminstrative staff, members are thanked for their patience and understanding over the last six months, and particularly the last 8 weeks of negotiations. The Union office will close for its annual Xmas break today, 24/12/96 and resume operations Monday 6/1/97. Members requiring assistance in the interim should contact their on-shift state committee official(s).

1994, 13%, and now a further 18% in 1996. Congratulations to all members on a well deserved result. Merry Xmas and best wishes to all!

Chris Read

State Secretary

Tuesday 24th December, 1996



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