Firefighter wage claim – Permanent and Retained

March 20, 2008

Most members would be now be aware that the Union has lodged a claim for increases in wages based on the decision of the Australian Industrial Relations Commissions decision in Canberra based on a ‘Work Value’ wage case handed down in March 2006.

As late as today – March 20th 2008 both the Union and the Department have been allocated dates for the progress of the full court case. Whilst the Union has lodged its claim for permanent members in the courts, the following dates are now binding on both the Union and the Department. Those dates are as follows;

April 10th – Department to lodge its log of claims

June 6th – Union to lodge its evidence in support of increased wages.

July 25th – Department to lodge its evidence in support of its claims.

August 25th – September 3rd – The full bench of four judges will be hearing  evidence from both parties, seeking to satisfy itself that it fully understands both positions and clarifies any specific points unclear to the court.

The Union’s State Committee of Management will be meeting on Friday March 28th to further plan how it proposes to develop the wage case. The committee will be discussing with the Union’s barrister the relative merits of different aspects of the wage case. Specific members of the Union are likely to be called upon to assist in providing expert evidence for the case in different areas of responsibility and authority.

The Union will also likely be calling upon expert witnesses from outside our industry to assisting in strengthening the case. All members with a belief that they are aware of additional areas of work, responsibility and authority now carried out or expected in the course of our day to day work are encouraged to contact local station delegates and/or Union representatives to discuss the areas that you believe the job now requires members to possess, hold or practice addition work, skills or responsibilities.

We are going to all need to pitch in and help with development of our wage case. It will need all members of the Union pulling together and focussed on the sort of wage outcome we all know we need and deserve.

Simon Flynn

State Secretary



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