Sitrep 12 of 2023 – Vaccine risk assessment update, Minister comes out swinging, and election pre-poll

March 10, 2023

Vaccination Risk Assessment Update 

Following our most recent request for an update, FRNSW has communicated to the FBEU that they are currently reviewing the COVID-19 Risk Assessment. FRNSW will soon be engaging with Health and Safety Representatives and the FBEU in a consultative process before finalising a new updated version of this risk assessment.

It is understood that employees currently under the misconduct process regarding the COVID-19 vaccination mandate will be receiving updated communication from FRNSW in the next few days confirming the review of the risk assessment.

The FBEU will continue to update members as we get more information.


When time’s not on your side, we are – Minister comes out swinging!

Minister Cooke has come out swinging this week, labelling when time’s not on your side, we are as a “scare campaign designed to create uncertainty in the community”.

If the Perrottet Government hadn’t already disgraced themselves enough throughout budget estimates last year (examples here and here), it is becoming crystal clear to the FBEU membership and the broader community that this Government are relentless in their attacks on Professional Firefighters and an adequate standard of fire protection for the NSW population. Quite frankly, this Government should be ashamed of themselves for making such remarks while FBEU members day-in-day-out do their best with limited resources provided to them. As the Minister well knows, cutting our fire service to the bone has resulted in statistical increases in fire fatalities and a service that is not keeping up with a booming NSW population. This Government is hiding those statistics from the NSW community, and yes – that is something to be uncertain about.

The Government’s failure to respect and value our work is getting increasing traction with the NSW community, with FBEU members across the state engaging in campaign actions right now. In addition, the FBEU produced media campaign continues to reach millions of voters across marginal seats through targeted advertising on various digital, print, radio, and TV. Here are some examples of the support messages from the NSW community:

“The least we can do for brave fire fighters is to give them the equipment they need and decent pay for the risks they take on behalf of us all. Thank you all for what you do.”

“All I can say is THANKYOU  and that comes from my heart.”

“I can’t even imagine the risk the NSW Government is putting on the public by choosing to cut corners to save a buck!”


Call to action – State election pre-poll 

With early voting commencing Saturday 18 March, the FBEU are calling all available members to populate pre-polling locations across the state in targeted electorates. We will be urging voters to ditch the Perrottet Government in support of any government (minority or majority) in support of Professional Firefighters and the things we need to get the job done. This includes the removal of the crippling government sector wages cap.

Get your name down here and an organiser will be in touch.

In Unity

Leighton Drury
State Secretary


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