1996 Annual General Meeting

October 8, 1996
Members are hereby advised that, in accordance with Rule 11(3), notice is given of the Annual General Meeting of the New South Wales Fire Brigade Employees’ Union (FBEU). The meeting details are as follows:
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Tax Dispute Update # Iii

October 5, 1996
Members would be aware that the agreement reached by the Union to remedy the recent tax dispute with the Department involved a 3 stage adjustment process.
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Oxygen Breathing Apparatus Staffing Levels

October 2, 1996
The Sub Branch Executive has been made aware of recent instances where the full level of qualified O2 Breathing Apparatus operators for 422 station, Port Kembla has not been maintained.
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Country Sub Branch Introduction

October 2, 1996
Dear Comrade, Please find attached a letter of introduction from your recently elected Sub-Branch Secretary on behalf of your Country Sub-Branch Executive Committee. The new Sub-Branch is part of the State Committee of Management’s (formerly State Council) intention to broaden […]
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Update Unsupported Sick Leave

September 20, 1996
Members would be aware of the arrangement negotiated by the Union for the provision of three days per year unsupported Sick Leave, as set out in In Orders 1996/7.
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Meeting Reminder All Superintendent & Chief Superintendent Members

September 17, 1996
With the expiration of the Enterprise Agreement, a meeting of all Senior Officer members has been called to discuss the negotiation of Senior Officers’ wages and conditions. This meeting is to be held as follows:
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New Award Negotiations Begin

September 6, 1996
UNION WINS BACK-PAY TO 8/8/96 The Permanent Firefighter’s Award formally expired on 8 August 1996.  The Award continues in its current form until it is replaced by another Award either by consent of the parties or by an arbitrated decision […]
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Ers 7 Telephone System Banned

August 21, 1996
Following concerns raised by a number of members relating to current problems with the ERS 7 telephone System, the issue was considered by the Retained Sub Branch Executive at it’s meeting of 10 & 11 July 1996. The Retained Sub […]
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Inspectors’ Sub-branch Executive Casual Election Notice

August 1, 1996
Following the recent resignation of Comrade Aub Smith from the position of Operational Commander (10/14) Committeeperson on personal grounds, the State Committee of Management has directed me in accordance with the Union’s Rules to call for nominations for that position […]
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