Attention Ba/hazmat Section Newcastle

March 8, 1996
As per Bans & Restrictions Notice dated 6th March, 1996, please be informed that this includes the general maintenance and servicing of BA sets other than emergency circumstances.  All drills and training are included in the bans also.
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Decisions Of Sub-branch Meeting Held 6/3/96

March 6, 1996
“That due to the immoral covert video surveillance of members both on and off duty, the illegal handing out of private and personal information, including tax file numbers etc. that occurred in the Newcastle fire district against members of this […]
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Acting-up Instruction

March 4, 1996
The Department’s long-documented abuse of the Acting-Up arrangements concerning Leading Firefighters has caused the Union to impose further limitations upon Acting-Up by members. The self-explanatory resolution carried by the Special General Meeting of members held 21/22 February is as follows:
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Outsourcing Of Motor Driver Training & Familiarisation Banned

February 27, 1996
It has come to the Union’s attention that the Department has contracted the services of a consultant to undertake driver familiarisation for the installation of the four new Firepac Salvage/Rescue appliances.
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Update On Communications Allowance Dispute

February 19, 1996
The three separate resolutions concerning payment of the allowances were endorsed by the rank and file across all centres, with the Department accepting the position on permanent and relieving/relief operators. However the Department has rejected the Union’s proposal for what […]
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Letter Regarding Sub Branch Meetings

February 14, 1996
Sub-Branch Secretaries, as addressed: Comrades, In accordance with Rule 51, Sub-Branch members may now hold Sub-Branch Meetings to consider and vote on questions before General Meetings of members, Special or Annual. The time, place and operation of the meeting is […]
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Newcastle Sub-branch Meeting

February 14, 1996
A meeting of the Newcastle Sub-Branch shall be held in two sections as follows:
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Illawarra Sub-branch Meeting

February 14, 1996
A meeting of the Illawarra Sub-Branch shall be held in two sections as follows:
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Instruction To All Members: S/o’s, Captains – Extra Duties Banned

February 5, 1996
At it’s meeting of 30th January, 1996 the Union’s State Committee of Management considered the question of disaster management planning being carried out by Station Officer members within Region South.
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