April 21, 1998

To all Station Delegates and Members – Rescue Stations:

You are invited to attend the inaugural meeting of the Union’s Rescue Sub-Committee to be held –


NSW   Fire Brigades Workshops

Amarina Avenue


10.00 AM

Discussions will be held on all rescue related items, including  –

  • Structure of the Rescue Section
  • Recertifications
  • Unit Trainers

Please advise Clint Demkin at No. 8 Station, Liverpool, A Platoon or Jay Bland at No. 503 Station, Wollongong, C Platoon, if you will be attending, or should you have any additional agenda items.

This is an opportunity to develop  a rescue agenda for consideration by the Union’s State Committee of Management.  Ensure that your Station is represented – it’s your Union.

Jay Bland                                                                                          Clint Demkin

Convenor                                                                                          Co-Convenor

for Chris Read                                                                                  for Chris Read

State Secretary State Secretary

Tuesday, 21 April 1998