2008 SGM Results

April 28, 2008

This morning’s Special General Meeting of members held over the last six days has overwhelmingly endorsed all three motions put forward for the consideration of the Unions rank and file membership. The results of those votes are as follows:

State Secretary’s Report
“That the report from the Union’s State Secretary regarding progress in securing the Union’s 2008 wage claim be received and noted.”
503 For 0 Against 14 Abstain
NSWFB Log of Claims in the Union’s 2008 Special Wage Case.
“That the Department’s log of claims in the Union’s 2008 wage claim offering wage increases of 2.5%, 2.75% and 2.75%for a three year period measured for the date the decision of the Industrial Relations Commission is handed down and tied to a raft of reductions in members’ entitlements, changes to work practices and the removal of clauses that allow the Union the right to veto changes to promotional systems, rosters, training programs and leave be received, noted and flatly rejected.”
541 For 0 Against 14 Abstain
Progress of claims in 2008 Special Wage Case

“That in light of the report delivered by the State Secretary concerning progress in the Union’s Special Wage Case and in particular the Department’s decision not to support the Union’s claim that increased work, skills and responsibility justify an increase in wage rates up to the level established by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission for firefighters in the ACT and further in light of the Departments confrontational and inflammatory log of claims on the Unions permanent and retained Awards this meeting resolves to authorize the State Secretary to continue to negotiate an increase in wages prior to any decision of the Industrial Relations Commission.

This meeting further resolves to authorize the Union’s State Committee of Management impose bans limitations including the withdrawal of labour in prosecuting the Union’s wage claim should this course of action be considered necessary by the State Committee of Management.”
536 For 7 Against 15 Abstain
Meeting Closed
Simon Flynn
State Secretary



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