2010 April Special General Meeting Details

April 13, 2010

Further to the special general meeting notice issued last week, please see below the Sub-branch meeting times and arrangements for holding Country/Retained Sub-branch meetings.

  • Newcastle – The Newcastle Sub-Branch will meet at No. 260 Station, Cooks Hill commencing at 1000 hours on Friday 16 April
  • Illawarra – The Illawarra Sub-Branch will meet at No. 503 Station, Wollongong commencing 1830 hours on Wednesday 14 April.
  • Sydney South-West – A South-West Sydney Sub-Branch meeting will be held at No. 8 Station, Liverpool commencing 0830 hours on Tuesday 20 April.
  • Sydney North-West – A North-West Sydney Sub-Branch meeting will be held at No. 97 Station, Huntingwood commencing 1030 hours on Monday 19 April.
  • Central Coast – The Central Coast Sub-Branch will meet at No. 228 Station, Berkeley Vale commencing 1000 hours on Thursday 15 April.
  • Special General Meeting – The SGM will be held at the Union Office, commencing 1000 hours on Thursday 22 April.
  • Country – Combined Country/Retained Sub-Branch meetings may be held locally at any Fire Station situated outside of the Greater Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and Illawarra areas prior to Thursday 22 April, provided that:

a)   notice of intention to hold a local meeting has been given to the State Secretary by no later than 3pm Friday 16 April; and
b)   a quorum of at least 7 financial Union members will be physically present for the duration of each meeting; and
c)   the vote from each meeting is forwarded to the State Secretary prior to 9am Thursday 22 April in order to be added to the total SGM vote.


Jim Casey

State Secretary



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