Sitrep 3/2023: Vaccination policy update; Firefighters left out of key housing affordability scheme.

January 20, 2023

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Update

Further to our previous Sitrep regarding the Covid-19 Vaccination Policy, FBEU has been advised by FRNSW that they will be sending a communication to those currently under investigation with updates on the matter, most likely by today.

This correspondence simply advises employees that the decision has been made and that FRNSW is reviewing the decision and will provide further information in due course.

No changes should happen with your employment status or the misconduct investigations until FRNSW have further considered the decision.

This communication will be for your information, and you do not need to respond to FRNSW. As previously stated, the FBEU will contact affected members in due course.

In the meantime the FBEU has written to FRNSW today to seek a meeting to discuss the implications of the decision and discuss a way forward.


Firefighters Left Out Of Key Housing Affordability Scheme 

The FBEU has recently written to Premier Dominic Perrottet and Labor Opposition Leader Chris Minns regarding the NSW Shared Equity Scheme which excludes NSW firefighters as key workers eligible for this scheme. We are seeking their commitment that you, as key workers, be included in the scheme. You can see a copy of the letters hereand here.

For those not aware the scheme was introduced by the current Liberal Government to assist essential workers by providing government funded assistance in purchasing their first home, however the scheme failed to include professional firefighters in the list of those who can access the assistance. The failure to include firefighters in this scheme is a glaring omission by the Government who has consistently, at every turn, forgotten the vital role NSW professional firefighter perform in service of the NSW community.

NSW professional firefighters have been on the forefront of every significant disaster in NSW in recent years, and come to work each and every day to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our communities. It is imperative that we are recognised as key workers by our Government regardless of the political party they are from.

Members will be provided with an update in regards to this matter once a response is received.

In Unity

Leighton Drury

State Secretary

A printable version of this SitRep can be downloaded here.



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