Sitrep 31: Pay Negotiations, Awol Aps And Pink Tagging

June 16, 2023
Update on Award Negotiations  FRNSW and the FBEU were in the IRC for conciliation on the Awards yesterday but before I update you, I think it’s important we remind ourselves of some relevant context. As you all would be aware, […]
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Update On Minimum Staffing Dispute N7

October 20, 2004
Upon learning of the Union’s notice and instruction issued earlier today, the Department contacted the Union office at approximately 1015 hrs and undertook to immediately: a) recall firefighters to staff the Bravo appliance at Umina; and b) rescind the directive […]
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Water Tanker Staffing

October 23, 1998
Owing to the successful conclusion of negotiations for country staffing, the Union has now accepted the de-staffing of the remaining permanently-staffed water tankers. During the course the of the Union’s Special General Meeting in June this year, the rank and […]
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Water Tankers Destaffing @ 0800 Hrs 25/9/98

September 24, 1998
Despite the fact the Department has done virtually everything it can to ensure that we do not reach a satisfactory agreement – and technically speaking, we still haven’t – the Union has agreed to allow the destaffing of the following […]
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Update On 45 Tanker Destaffing

March 24, 1998
The Union has indicated its agreement that the destaffing of water tankers may commence as of 0800 hours this Friday September 25, subject to a number of conditions. In the case of the tankers at Miranda and Liverpool, this agreement […]
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Union Instruction No.13 Stn Alexandria – Minimum Staffing

November 11, 1997
All members are hereby instructed that the minimum staffing for No. 13 Stn Alexandria is STATION OFFICER AND FIVE FIREFIGHTERS, PER PLATOON. If the Department cannot maintain its fleet, it is not the Union’s problem. Further, if the Union allows […]
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Special Western Sydney Union Meetings

June 10, 1997
In light of the geographic nature of the proposals surrounding the transfer of water tanker staffing for the August 1997 6%, the Union will be holding local meetings of members (in addition to the Special General Meeting in Sydney’s Trades […]
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Manning Of Bronto Aerial Appliance

March 19, 1997
The following represents the agreement negotiated between the FBEU and the Department for the manning of the Bronto Aerial Ladder Platform at Wollongong.
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Staffing Of Rescue Monitors

November 1, 1996
The Union has been informed by members at Rescue Monitor Stations that there is some confusion by management over the staffing requirements for these appliances.
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