December 16, 1998

Due to the lack of adequate food preparation and food storage areas and the ongoing vermin problem associated with No. 10 Station, Redfern, the members have directed the Union that as from 1800 hours on Wednesday, 16 December 1998, the following bans are to be implemented: [Read more]

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November 30, 1998


Last week’s well attended meetings of Superintendent and Chief Superintendent members held to discuss progress of the Union’s claim for compensation of Executive Officers’ excess working hours voted to reject the Department’s latest “offer” and, with all patience and good-will now exhausted, to embark upon industrial action to force a satisfactory outcome.

The unanimous decision of members follows below, with the action to be taken highlighted. Note that there are NO EXCEPTIONS and NO EXEMPTIONS – ALL Executive Officer FBEU members are now required to observe the Union’s industrial action until further notice. [Read more]

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August 28, 1998

The Union’s State Committee of Management today considered the Department’s continued refusal to issue the BA/Hazmat Section’s members with cold climate clothing, and resolved as follows:

“That until those members working in the BA/Hazmat Section in Newcastle are issued with cold climate clothing, a ban will be placed on all paperwork (with the normal exceptions) within the Newcastle Sub-Branch area. These bans are to commence 1800 hours on Friday 28th August 1998. [Read more]

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August 3, 1998

At a Union meeting at the Training College on 18 August 1998, the Union’s rank and file members resolved to “cease further training for members holding the position of Recruit Instructors” in BA Hazmat Training and Driver Development, until “satisfactory assurances” were received from management regarding the rumoured closure of those two sections.

On 27 August 1998, the Union received correspondence from the Department that stated in part: [Read more]

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June 16, 1998

Members at 63 Station Blacktown have informed the Union of a recent incident whereby a Station Officer acted down in order to fill a firefighter’s operational role.

[Read more]

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November 21, 1997

The Union’s State Committee of Management met today to consider the current dispute, resulting in a unanimous decision to escalate the Union’s industrial action. A notice will follow separately in order to provide further information for members. However, the Commissioner’s latest “Duty of Care” message should be dismissed for the rubbish that it is. Every member should be under no illusion – this dispute is not about 1 member. The Commissioner today confirmed to your elected officials that it WILL impact on EVERY member, permanent and retained. It’s really about your job-security, and superannuation. [Read more]

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November 14, 1997

The Department continues to refuse to negotiate with the Union in relation to the current dispute, despite bans and limitations being imposed at 1800 hours on 7 November 1997.  The Union’s numerous attempts to avoid this dispute are documented below. [Read more]

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November 12, 1997

(Stn’s 26, 35, 13, 29, 28, 10, 5, 9, 20, 1, 100, Insp. Sth – and ALL members)

As part of the current Union bans and limitations in place throughout the state, all members are instructed to neither participate in, nor attend the joint services’ emergency drill scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday 13th November at Kingsford-Smith Airport, Mascot. [Read more]

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November 10, 1997

The Department is presently refusing to allow an injured retained firefighter back to work – despite a full-recovery of his workers’ compensation injury. The reason? It is alleged that the particular member is “unfit” for firefighting. The Department is telling the member that despite his recovery from the workers’ comp. injury, he will be placed on sick-leave until his “fitness” improves. After his sick-leave expires, all that will be left is social security. [Read more]

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October 13, 1997

Due to concerns arising from the proposed assessment dates for the time critical assessments, the conducting and participation in the assessments are banned for a period of at least 30 days. [Read more]

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