March 4, 1997

The Union ban on accommodation at the Eastwood Training Facility has been lifted by resolution of the Union’s State Committee of Management.

The lifting of the ban, effective 0800 hrs Monday 3 March, 1997,  follows the negotiation of an interim accommodation protocol and significant improvements to facilities for firefighters accommodated at Eastwood.

The interim accommodation protocol between the Union and Department will operate pending the outcome of negotiations between the NSW Public Employment Office (PEO) and NSW Labor Council on a comprehensive review of travelling compensation and accommodation. It is anticipated that this process will conclude late March/early April 1997.

The principal focus of the interim accommodation protocol is to make a distinction based on length of stay in accommodation for training courses.

Members with an accommodation entitlement attending courses extending beyond 7 days will be accommodated in commercial accommodation to a 3 star standard or receive the applicable accommodation allowance at the discretion of the Department.

Members attending courses of less than 7 days will be accommodated at Eastwood in improved facilities at the Blaxland quarters.

These improvements include;

  • Alarm clocks provided
  • Microwave oven and large capacity fridge installed in common room mess
  • Quarters, ceilings, halls and common room painted
  • New lounge furniture ordered
  • Pool table soon to be installed (No fee to play)
  • BBQ area with outdoor furniture

The interim accommodation protocol should be read in conjunction with Clause 16: Training Course Attendance Entitlements, of the Award.

Graham Webb

for Chris Read

State Secretary

4 March, 1997



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