Relieving And Administrative Bans Lifted Today

June 18, 2008
Members are advised that following proceedings before the IRC this morning, the State Committee of Management has reconvened as resolved as follows:
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24 Hours Bans To Commence 1800hrs Today

June 17, 2008
The rapidly deteriorating relationship between the Union and the Department took yet another turn for the worse today when the employer sought and secured a time extension to submit its evidence against firefighters. As a result, your employer will now […]
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Wages Back To Square One

May 27, 2008
Cutting wages, privatising essential services and picking fights with the Trade Union movement isn’t the sort of behavior most people associate with a ‘Labour’ Government but that’s exactly what the people of NSW are now up against. The State Government […]
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2008 Sgm Results

April 28, 2008
This morning’s Special General Meeting of members held over the last six days has overwhelmingly endorsed all three motions put forward for the consideration of the Unions rank and file membership. The results of those votes are as follows:
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Medical Certificates And Medical Reports

April 22, 2008
It is now crystal clear that the Union notice of 22 January 2008 titled “About medical certificates and medical records” ruffled the Department’s feathers. That’s because the Department took the Union to the Industrial Relations Commission on 18 April 2008 […]
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Department Attacks Your Award

April 15, 2008
On Thursday April 10th the Department provided the Union with a document in response to our claim for wage parity with Australian Capital Territory firefighters. That document was amongst the most confrontational and inflammatory grabs at our wages and conditions […]
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Driving Your Dollar Down Further

April 10, 2008
The Department took penny-inching to a new low in the IRC this morning when it argued for more than 90 minutes for the Retained Award’s “A” grade monthly retainer to be cut by 10 cents. Ten lousy cents! The Union’s […]
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Traffic Infringement Notices – Update

April 10, 2008
For all of the accusations and counter-accusations made about this issue over the past week, the Union’s concerns about the system required in order to have traffic infringement notices lifted were shown to be well founded. Click here for the […]
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Epip’s Ban Lifted

April 10, 2008
The Department and Union have agreed to the introduction of an electronic Pre-Incident Plan reporting system. The Union understands that the necessary changes to the data collection requirements have now been completed and as such, the bans imposed on electronic […]
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