2008 Sgm – Wage Cuts And Job Losses

August 12, 2008
In an outrageously provocative move the Government has now seriously escalated our wage dispute by pointing a gun at the head of the Industrial Relations Commission. In an unprecedented move the Government has said that if the IRC hands down […]
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More Mps Fall In Behind The Fbeu

August 8, 2008
With the member for Bathurst Gerard Martin now publicly backing the Union’s campaign against cuts to our wages and conditions pressure has continued to mount on local MP’s to stand up for the professional firefighters of NSW. This week delegations […]
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Movement On Wages

August 6, 2008
After months and months of negotiations, bans, court appearances, a television advertising campaign and national media coverage of our dispute, a strike and two stop-work meetings  we finally seem to be making progress in defending our conditions and wining an […]
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Timesheets And Yesterday’s Stopwork

July 31, 2008
All permanent members of the Union who were on duty in the GSA yesterday and who were not exempted from industrial action should now mark your timesheets to show a one and a half hour deduction for the stop work […]
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Stop Work Protest Success

July 30, 2008
Today’s stop work meeting in Sydney at ‘The Hungry Mile’ was an enormous success with industrial action by public servants across the board making the main television news stories on all four free to air channels. The action by FBEU […]
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Communit Day Of Action

July 25, 2008
The Unions political lobby strategy has continued to roll out across the state with delegations of firefighters meeting with local Labor Party Members of Parliament throughout Sydney, Newcastle and the Illawarra over the last two weeks. Delegations of firefighters have […]
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Special Treatment

July 18, 2008
The ‘special treatment’ now being dished out to firefighters from the state government has been made even more stark after government has resolved to offer members of the NSW Ambulance Service a 12% increase over three years this week.  The […]
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Cutting Your Wages

June 28, 2008
On Wednesday evening Commissioner Mullins issued an extended and disjointed message regarding the 2008 award negotiations, which he predicted would be met with an “angry response from the Union office”. He was wrong we’re not angry, Commissioner, just disappointed. That […]
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8% + 8% + 8% Union’s New Claim

June 23, 2008
The Union has now finally put together and submitted all of its evidence for the Unions ‘Special Wage Case’. This has required an enormous effort from all concerned and has seen over 64 full ring binders and over 20 000 […]
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