The Industrial Reality

April 9, 2008
Most members are now aware that the relationship between Union and the Department has recently darkened. Not since the Department attempted to cut the relieving corps, destroy the promotional system, increase out-duties and remove the rank of Senior Firefighter have […]
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Afa Trial For The Liverpool Lga – 7, 8 And 32 Stations

April 7, 2008
Members would be aware of the memo from Metro South 3 Zone Office dated 20 March 2008 regarding a proposed trial of single pump responses to identified AFA installations within the Liverpool Local Government Area.
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The Bottom Line On Traffic Infringements

April 4, 2008
As members are probably aware, the media has today widely reported on the farcical situation regarding traffic infringements that the Union first brought to members’ attention in our notice of 20 March.
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2.5% For Retained Members

April 1, 2008
The Retained Sub-Branch meeting held over last weekend to consider the Union’s draft Award application and authorise the State Secretary to seek an interim award concluded at 9am yesterday morning with near-unanimous support for the recommended motion (450 members in […]
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Relieving Bans Lifted

March 30, 2008
All members are instructed that the relieving bans imposed by the Union at 1800 hours Friday 28th of March are lifted as at 1800 hours Sunday 30th March 2008. The decision to lift these bans has been made after the […]
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Relieving Bans To Commence 1800 Hrs Today

March 28, 2008
Despite direct and repeated requests from the Union not to do so, the Department today published a new policy in In Orders 2008/07 titled “Provision of suitable duties for injured retained firefighters”. Whilst this policy might on first blush seem […]
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Epips – On The Cusp Of A Breakthrough

March 20, 2008
Following a very productive meeting between the Union and the Department both parties are now close to agreement on the content of electronic Pre-incident Plans that will allow the Union to lift its ban on e-PiP’s and will ensure that […]
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Driving Infringement Penalty Notices

March 20, 2008
It has come to the Union’s attention that the Department’s ‘Senior Legal Officer’ is issuing memoranda to Zone Commanders, who are in turn forwarding them to the relevant station, regarding traffic infringements by NSWFB vehicles. These are usually speed camera […]
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Firefighter Wage Claim – Permanent And Retained

March 20, 2008
Most members would be now be aware that the Union has lodged a claim for increases in wages based on the decision of the Australian Industrial Relations Commissions decision in Canberra based on a ‘Work Value’ wage case handed down […]
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