Dept. Stonewalls – Bans Escalate

November 14, 1997

The Department continues to refuse to negotiate with the Union in relation to the current dispute, despite bans and limitations being imposed at 1800 hours on 7 November 1997.  The Union’s numerous attempts to avoid this dispute are documented below.

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Airport Drill 13/11/97 Banned

November 12, 1997

(Stn’s 26, 35, 13, 29, 28, 10, 5, 9, 20, 1, 100, Insp. Sth – and ALL members) As part of the current Union bans and limitations in place throughout the state, all members are instructed to neither participate in, […]

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Union Instruction No.13 Stn Alexandria – Minimum Staffing

November 11, 1997

All members are hereby instructed that the minimum staffing for No. 13 Stn Alexandria is STATION OFFICER AND FIVE FIREFIGHTERS, PER PLATOON. If the Department cannot maintain its fleet, it is not the Union’s problem. Further, if the Union allows […]

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“he’s Only A Retained Firey.”

November 10, 1997

The Department is presently refusing to allow an injured retained firefighter back to work – despite a full-recovery of his workers’ compensation injury. The reason? It is alleged that the particular member is “unfit” for firefighting. The Department is telling […]

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Job-security Dispute – Update

November 10, 1997

The Commissioner NSWFB today issued a deliberately misleading notice under the heading “DUTY OF CARE”. Frankly, that notice is as wrong as it is offensive.

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1997 Annual General Meeting

November 4, 1997

Members are hereby advised that, in accordance with Rule 11(3), notice is given of the Annual General Meeting of the New South Wales Fire Brigade Employees’ Union (FBEU). The meeting details are as follows:

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Skyjet Boom Failure

November 3, 1997

On Monday, 20th October 1997, at approximately 1200 hours, No. 20 stn Hurstville, “C” Platoon was involved in a demonstration at Kingsgrove Public School. The demonstration was being conducted using No. 106 Skyjet.  During the demonstration the boom was fully […]

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Brigades Under Threat – Who’s Scaremongering?

October 23, 1997

“The member for Dubbo has chosen to seize upon a circular of the Fire Brigade Employees’ Union which makes mention of a proposal under discussion by the Joint Fire Services Standing Committee. But it is only that: one proposal, among […]

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Advised Time Critical Assessment Banned

October 13, 1997

Due to concerns arising from the proposed assessment dates for the time critical assessments, the conducting and participation in the assessments are banned for a period of at least 30 days.

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Shell Oil Refinery – Clyde Ban On Firefighting

September 8, 1997

Following a meeting of members employed at the Shell Oil Refinery at Clyde, bans were put in place at 0800 hours this morning.

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2000 Melbourne Firies Fighting The Sack

August 21, 1997

Members would have followed the numerous updates of a now 3-year Victorian dispute provided throughout recent editions of the Union’s journals and notices. That dispute is now almost certain to escalate beyond wages and conditions, into a struggle to retain […]

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Thredbo Snowfields Incident Retained Firefighter Entitlements

August 14, 1997

On 18 August 1997 the Manager Operational Personnel released a memorandum to all NSWFB staff regarding entitlements for staff in attendance at the Thredbo Snowfields incident. The memorandum simply stated that “the provisions of the respective awards apply”, but did […]

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