Late Pay Slips

July 25, 1996

Many members have contacted the Union in recent weeks in relation to late pay slips, following the introduction of the new ‘Stargarden’ pay system. Following the first ‘Stargarden’ pay run and late pay slips the Union pursued the matter with […]

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New Oh&s Regulations

July 23, 1996

Two new Regulations under the NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act 1983, have recently come into effect.  These regulations have direct bearing on two areas of concern to firefighters, namely hazardous substances and noise exposure.

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Instruction To All Members (no. 4 Stn, Darlinghurst) Low-profile Turntable Ladders

July 22, 1996

The Union has been alerted to the situation whereby on occasion, No. 4 Stn’s compliment of qualified operators for the low-profile ladders attached to the station has fallen below two.

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Tax Dispute Win

July 15, 1996

BAN’S LIFTED ON RELIEVING, OUT-DUTIES AND ACTING-UP The Union’s claim in relation to the tax dispute was agreed to in a joint meeting with the Department and Public Employment Office on Thursday 11 July 1996 at 1755 hours. After weeks […]

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Notice To All Operational Commanders, Hurstville

June 28, 1996

Members would be well aware of the complaints surrounding the amenities afforded Operational Commanders within Regional Offices. This problem was most acute in Region South, with members demanding their removal and relocation to an operational station.

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Oh&s Annual Station Inspection Forms Banned

June 27, 1996

Numerous concerns have been raised by members on the Department’s requirement to fill in its recent ‘OH&S Annual Station Inspection Form’. Accordingly the Union instructs all members to withhold completion of these forms until such time as the Department provides […]

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Inspectors’ Sub-branch Executive Casual Election Notice

June 13, 1996

The State Committee of Management has directed me in accordance with the Union’s Rules to call for further nominations for the Inspectors’ Sub-Branch Executive Committee for the term 1996-1999, given that all positions on the Executive Committee were not filled […]

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Meeting Notice Inspectors’ Sub-branch

May 17, 1996

In accordance with Rule 51(9), a meeting of the Inspectors’ Sub-Branch has been called by the Sub-Branch Executive, to be held as follows:

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Instruction To All Members Pilot Training System Banned

April 17, 1996

The Union has become aware of a Memorandum dated 2/4/96 and addressed to all Station Commanders – Greater Sydney Area, and titled “Placement of Recruit Firefighters on Graduating from the Training College”. No consultation took place with the Union on […]

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Letter To Supt And Chief Supt Members

April 3, 1996

Dear Comrade, In July last year a meeting of senior officer members appointed a negotiating committee to liaise with the Union’s officials and Industrial Staff in the lead up to this years negotiations on your wages and conditions. Committee members […]

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Ban On Inadequate Vehicle In Ba/hazmat Section (chullora)

March 22, 1996

Members at the HAZMAT Response Unit at Chullora have brought to the attention of the Union the inadequacies of vehicle FBY 622 as an operational vehicle.

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Sub-branch Elections – Your Voice In The Union

March 20, 1996

All member workplaces have received notice from the Union’s Returning Officer calling for Sub-Branch Executive Committee nominations. Elections are currently being held for all Sub-Branch (Inspectors’, Retained, Country, Newcastle and Illawarra) Executives. All financial members are eligible to nominate for […]

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