January 19, 1996

Re: Meeting & Telephone Link Up to Discuss Department’s Position over payment of new Communications Allowance for Relievers and payment to Operators at Turvey Park, Albury, Gosford and Katoomba

The notice distributed earlier this afternoon discussed payment for relieving operators in general, without advising of the Department’s proposal for relief operators in Newcastle/Wollongong. That section read as follows;

Relieving Operators

Payment of $20.50 per fortnight for holding comms qualifications plus $15.00 per shift relieving allowance when not in a Communications Centre. When working in Comms, relievers would be paid the new allowance of $28.00/30.00/36.00 per shift plus the $15.00 per shift relieving allowance and continue to be paid the $20.50 per fortnight comms qualification allowance.

The proposed arrangement for relief operators in Newcastle and Wollongong would be as follows;

  • $20.50 qualification payment to be paid per fortnight,
  • a further $28.00 or $30.00 (as appropriate) to be paid for each and every shift actually worked in comms, from the first day,
  • a further $15.00 out-duty (relieving) payment for each and every shift actually worked in comms.

In essence, the $20.50 is paid automatically as a qualification allowance every fortnight, with $43.00 (or $45.00 for Supervisors) paid in addition for each shift actually worked in comms.

I apologise for any confusion the initial ntoice may have caused, and trust this clarifies the proposal as far as relief operators in Newcastle and Wollongong Comms are concerned.

Yours fraternally,

Chris Read

State Secretary

19th January, 1996