Administrative Work Bans in place from 1/1/96, application in Communications

January 19, 1996

Given the unique nature of communications (alongside various other specialist divisions of the Brigades), members from comms centres have contacted the Union office seeking direction on the application of the UFUA national administrative bans within communications centres.

Members are advised to implement and adhere to bans within individual centres as best determined by the members attached, in line with the following principles:

  • all members/platoons within the centre should agree upon and adhere to uniform bans;
  • the bans are not intended to disadvantage members (eg leave applications, time sheets etc);
  • the bans should not compromise the ability of operators to safely despatch and manage the subsequent operational performance of the Brigades.

Where certain “administrative” functions (manual logs, computer entries etc.) may assist in the handling of incidents, members may undertake those duties to the extent necessary in order to operate in a safe and efficient manner. The guiding principle is that the bans are designed to restrict the employer rather than the Union’s members.

Connection of new installations or their processesing is also banned, however the Union shall allow certain waivers to this restriction where appropriate (nursing homes, hospitals etc.). Members should contact the Union office for clarification/ruling in this regard.

Chris Read

State Secretary

19th January, 1996



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