Update On Nz Sackings #4

October 24, 1998
JUDGE SLAMS UNETHICAL BOSSES On July 17 the Union issued a notice to all members (following on from previous notices dated May 11 and 13) which concluded by advising that “the PFU filed a comprehensive application to the Employment Court […]
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Water Tanker Staffing

October 23, 1998
Owing to the successful conclusion of negotiations for country staffing, the Union has now accepted the de-staffing of the remaining permanently-staffed water tankers. During the course the of the Union’s Special General Meeting in June this year, the rank and […]
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1998 Agms

October 23, 1998
NSW FIRE BRIGADE EMPLOYEES’ UNION ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Members are hereby advised that, in accordance with Rule 11(3), notice is given of the Annual General Meeting of the New South Wales Fire Brigade Employees’ Union (FBEU). The meeting details are […]
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So & 3 Minimum Staffing No.238 Stn Broken Hill

October 20, 1998
The Union has been engaged in negotiations with the Department throughout today on the subject matter. It has now been agreed that the Upgrade to SO and 3 Minimum Staffing at 238 Station will be introduced by no later than […]
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Country Staffing Proposal Delivers New Roles For Gsa Retained

October 7, 1998
As part of the negotiations surrounding the Union’s Country Staffing Proposal, the Department wrote, in the following terms, to the Union on 4 September 1998: “The department recognises the unique circumstances surrounding the provision of specialist bush fire appliance and […]
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Water Tanker For Engadine?

October 6, 1998
Yesterday the Commissioner NSWFB issued an e-mail message on the subject matter. It read as follows: It is intended that the water tanker from Miranda be re-positioned at Engadine Fire Station with a retained firefighter crew. The recruitment process for […]
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Country Staffing Agreement

October 2, 1998
I am pleased to advise that formal agreement on our Union’s country staffing proposal was reached with the Department last Friday, September 25.
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Leading Firefighter Promotions

October 1, 1998
The Union office has received a great deal of correspondence on the question of Leading Firefighter promotions to Station Officer after January 1, 1999.
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Country Staffing Agreement Confirmed

September 25, 1998
Further to my notice to the above Stations yesterday, I am now able to advise that the State Committee today concluded formal and final agreement with the Department for our Union’s country staffing proposal, as endorsed by the rank and […]
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