Water Tankers Destaffing @ 0800 Hrs 25/9/98

September 24, 1998
Despite the fact the Department has done virtually everything it can to ensure that we do not reach a satisfactory agreement – and technically speaking, we still haven’t – the Union has agreed to allow the destaffing of the following […]
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Water Tankers Update

September 18, 1998
Whist there is still no agreement at the time of writing, significant progress has been made in negotiations and formal agreement is now expected today.
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Attention All Members At 36 Station Crows Nest

September 9, 1998
All FBEU members stationed at Crows Nest have now had time to consider the Station renovation proposal put to them formally on 5 August 1998 by Region North management. The affected members reject the proposal that major works commence sometime […]
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Notice To All Members At No. 238 Station Broken Hill

September 8, 1998
As a result of your determination and unity, the CS-B Executive has received written confirmation from the Department expressing its commitment and concurrence with the following:-
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Country Staffing & Water Tankers Update

September 4, 1998
On Friday July 24, the Union’s State Secretary forwarded a notice by facsimile to all of the above water tanker stations, advising members of the current situation for the relocation of tankers and members. Whilst negotiations have now commenced, it […]
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3% Firefighter Wage Increases

September 1, 1998
PERMANENT MEMBERS: The third stage of the ’97 Permanent Staff Award’s 18% wage increase came into effect on 14 August 1998.
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Country Staffing Meetings

August 31, 1998
With the membership’s approval of the State Committee of Management’s country staffing proposal at the June 1998 Special General Meetings, the Union’s officials will now be attending a series of meetings across the state to explain the proposal, and to […]
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Newcastle Sub-branch – Administrative Bans

August 28, 1998
The Union’s State Committee of Management today considered the Department’s continued refusal to issue the BA/Hazmat Section’s members with cold climate clothing, and resolved as follows: “That until those members working in the BA/Hazmat Section in Newcastle are issued with […]
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51 Station, Forestville Relocation Pending Da Approval

August 25, 1998
Last Monday 17/8, the Union and Department agreed to relocate 51’s pumper and tanker to the Brigades’ property at Terrey Hills until the major renovations at the Forestville Station were completed. It is expected that construction work will take at […]
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