Union Rally To Keep Fire Stations Open

May 27, 2009
All members, retained and permanent, are required to attend a Union rally to protest against the NSW government policy of closing retained fire stations across the state.
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We Must Stay United

May 26, 2009
In the midst our Union elections the Department has once again pulled on a dirty manoeuvre to attack our wages and conditions.
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More Firefighters And Less Station Closures

May 22, 2009
In Order 2008/22 Rolled Back Again On Tuesday 19th May FBEU members pressured the NSW government to commit to employing more retained
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Staffing Of Retained Brigades

May 15, 2009
When the Department imposed In Order 2008/22 on brigades throughout NSW, the FBEU claimed it was wrong to close fire brigades rather than recruit additional firefighters and we vowed we would fight hard to get the decision reversed. This campaign […]
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Union Elections Who’s Running

May 14, 2009
All Union members throughout NSW will soon be getting ballot papers mailed directly to their homes in the Union’s election for new leadership.
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March On May Day, Sunday May 3

April 29, 2009
1998 is looming as the year when our Union fights to put a stop to the injustice and inequity of firefighters’ superannuation. The 100’s of members who have joined since 1992 have literally no protection in the event of death […]
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Mayday 2009

April 23, 2009
All FBEU members and families are invited to join your comrades and mates for the annual get together of all Unionist in NSW at the annual Mayday rally in
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New D&d Award Now In Force

April 7, 2009
Further to the Union notice of 22 March regarding the expiration of the 2006 D&D Award, the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW today made a new 2009 D&D Award that will operate for the coming three years through until 21 […]
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New Election Timetable

April 3, 2009
Following advice from the Australian Electoral Commission received this morning – nominations for all 14 positions on the Union’s committee of management will now remain open for a further two weeks.
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